Making a mark with its brands, creating moral and material values to its environment. To maintain its challenged journey for its existence as a guiding teaching without downscaling its high objectives...

Main Features

  • Attaching importance to team work and well-disciplined
  • Having a dynamic and ambitious staff
  • Being open to development and change
  • Making quick decision when opportunities arise, and being proactive
  • Creative
  • Loves its job and loves to work

Core Values

  • Respectable
  • Reputable
  • Reliable
  • Self consistent
  • Good quality
  • Innovative


The rising values of Turkey, the secret to the success of PAKTEN A.Ş. are based on 7 principles that Pakten A.Ş. has been loyal to since the first day:

  • Being reliable,
  • Adopting branding as a principle,
  • Never compromise on the quality,
  • Taking customer satisfaction as a basis,
  • Perpetuating development by taking suggestions for improvement,
  • Investing in people and following the technology closely,
  • And in addition to all these, working with the consciousness of social responsibility, environmental and occupational safety.